Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey

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Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey
Countertop oval gray concrete washbasin without faucet hole 60 x 36 cm FORMO Light Grey



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Countertop oval gray washbasin 60x36 cm FORMO Light Gray - An exceptional washbasin for an exceptional bathroom

Dreaming of a bathroom that combines modern design with exceptional functionality? The FORMO washbasin is the perfect solution for you! Designed with everyday comfort in mind, this oval countertop washbasin with a deep basin provides unparalleled convenience and style. The modern appearance and rounded edges of the FORMO washbasin make it a perfect fit for any bathroom, adding an elegant touch. One of the greatest features of the FORMO washbasin is its deep basin, which significantly enhances the comfort of daily use. The ergonomic design ensures that using the washbasin is a true pleasure. Available in 17 trendy colors, the FORMO washbasin offers a wide range of choices to suit any style preference. Whether you prefer modern, industrial, or classic, you will find the perfect shade to highlight the character of your bathroom. The FORMO washbasin stands out with its modern design and impeccable finish. This blend of functionality and aesthetics makes the washbasin not only beautiful but also extremely practical. Don't wait—bring a new level of quality to your bathroom today!

What makes the FORMO washbasin unique:

  1. Durability and longevity: Architectural concrete is an extremely durable material, resistant to mechanical damage. Concrete washbasins can withstand many years of use without visible signs of wear, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.
  2. Unique design and uniqueness: Each concrete washbasin is unique, with slightly varied textures and colors. This adds character and style to the bathroom, which is difficult to achieve with more traditional materials.
  3. Ease of maintenance: Although concrete is a porous material, modern sealing and surface finishing techniques allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, preventing water absorption and staining.
  4. Handcrafted production: The washbasins are handcrafted using traditional technology, eliminating the need for large gas kilns for curing. This ensures high quality.
  5. Color options: Architectural concrete is integrally colored during production, allowing for the creation of washbasins in various colors according to your preferences. You have a choice of up to 17 colors.
  6. Versatility in design: Concrete can be molded into various shapes and sizes and colored in different hues. This gives customers wide possibilities to customize the appearance of the washbasins to their individual preferences and design needs.
  7. Eco-friendly product: More than 95% of production waste and the product itself can be recycled. As we know, concrete can be reused in creating new items. Its longevity also contributes to waste reduction.
  8. Made in Poland: A washbasin made in Poland guarantees the highest quality and exceptional design while supporting the Polish economy and family-run businesses.

If you want your bathroom to stand out in both style and functionality, choose the FORMO washbasin. It's more than just a sink – it's an element that will transform your bathroom into a space full of character and modernity. Don't wait, revamp your interior today!

Don't wait any longer - Order our FORMO washbasin today and enjoy modern design and functionality in your bathroom. We will deliver it directly to your home.

See what You gain by choosing the FORMO countertop washbasin:

Designer concrete sinks: Uniqueness and style for Your bathroom

Discover the unique design of our concrete washbasins, which bring modern character and individuality to any bathroom. Thanks to the natural variations in texture and color, each washbasin is one of a kind. The distinctive features of each piece catch the eye and add exceptional character to your interior. The subtle differences in shades and textures make our washbasins the aesthetic focal point of your bathroom, highlighting its style and adding a personal touch. Choose our washbasins to add not only functionality but also extraordinary elegance and character to your space.

Unique design of concrete washbasins

Each of our concrete washbasins is a true work of art, captivating with its uniqueness resulting from natural processes during production. Air bubbles, caverns, variations in color shades, and visible glass fibers give each piece a distinctly handcrafted character. These unplanned elements highlight the uniqueness of each washbasin, attesting to its authenticity and high-quality craftsmanship. The glass fibers not only enhance the product's visual appeal but also increase its strength and durability, making the sinks not only beautiful but also practical solutions for any bathroom.

Handcrafted washbasin: Guarantee of the highest quality

Our concrete washbasins are handcrafted using traditional artisanal techniques. We avoid using large gas kilns, which allows us to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection. Each washbasins is meticulously formed and finished, preserving its unique characteristics and ensuring exceptional quality. Handcrafted production means our washbasins not only meet the highest quality standards but also stand out with an individual character that is difficult to achieve in mass production. Choose a concrete washbasin to enjoy a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom.

Integral coloring: Discover the unique palette of concrete washbasins

Discover the lasting colors of our concrete washbasins, achieved through the integral coloring technique. In this process, pigments are added directly to the concrete mix before it is poured into the mold, ensuring an even distribution of color throughout the entire product. This method not only enhances durability and resistance to fading but also ensures that each washbasin maintains its unique character. The natural structure of the concrete means that each washbasin varies slightly in shade. Factors such as the type of aggregate, the amount of pigment, and the method and duration of mixing all influence the final appearance, making each washbasin one of a kind. These subtle differences not only add character but also charm, making your washbasin a unique decorative element in your bathroom.

Durability and style for Your bathroom

The strength and durability of concrete make it one of the most reliable materials for washbasin production. The mix of cement, sand, and specially selected pigments used in its production ensures not only solidity but also an attractive appearance. Its natural resistance to cracking, scratching, and the effects of detergents makes concrete washbasins exceptionally long-lasting. Even after many years of intensive use, your concrete washbasin will maintain its aesthetic appearance and functionality without visible signs of wear. If you are looking for a solution that will serve you for years without losing quality and style, a concrete washbasin is the perfect choice.

Rich color palette: Choose Your ideal shade

Discover a wide range of color options with 17 shades to choose from, allowing everyone to find the perfect hue for their washbasin, perfectly matching your style. Our color options enable full customization and adaptation to any interior, whether you prefer vibrant colors or subtle pastels. Each color is designed to add character to your washbasin and highlight its uniqueness. Choose your favorite shade and create a bathroom that is not only aesthetically cohesive but also reflects your personality.

Choose the click-clack plug: Perfectly matched to Your washbasin

Enhance your bathroom with our click-clack plug, available in gold, silver, and black. This elegant accessory combines functionality with personalization, fitting seamlessly into your unique style. Enjoy comfort and style that accentuates the uniqueness of your space. Choose a plug that harmoniously complements your washbasin, offering both functionality and aesthetics in one.

Made in Poland: Support Polish companies by choosing our washbasin

Our washbasin, manufactured in Poland, guarantees the highest quality and exceptional design. By choosing our washbasin, you not only invest in the comfort of your bathroom but also support the Polish economy and family-run businesses. Opting for our product means contributing to the growth of Polish companies and industry while enjoying a superior and beautifully crafted washbasin.

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